Update: Domino’s Alexandria





We are a couple weeks away from finishing the renovation of our newest Domino’s project in Alexandria, VA. The Make up Air unit is being lifted up on the roof today and then UrbanBuilt will work hard at all the finishing touches for this new Pizza Theater.

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Meet The Team – Roger Seitz




UrbanBuilt would like to take the time to introduce you to Roger Seitz, one of our Site Superintendents. Roger oversees all phases of a construction project from initial planning to completion. It is his job to inspect work performed by our in house employees and other subcontractors on the job site. Once a project is in motion, each detail requires individual attention to assure that nothing is missed. Roger knows the long-term goals of the projects, and handles the day-to-day agenda in a effective manner that keeps our projects on track and our Clients happy. We look forward in seeing Roger’s continued growth with UrbanBuilt.

Renovation of Another Domino’s – Beltsville, MD



UrbanBuilt has started another Domino’s renovation located in Beltsville, MD. This location is set to receive the “Pizza Theatre” makeover with a fresh paint job and the installation of new tiling throughout the store. Domino’s wants to invite more consumers in and put that pizza making right in front of you. There’s even a special window and step to allow kids to look in on the action.

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Two New Commercial Renovation Projects Complete for Domino’s

Domino's in Aspen Hill

Domino’s in Aspen Hill

Finished Interior

Domino’s in Lanham

UrbanBuilt and Domino’s are starting off 2016 with the announcement of two completed restaurant construction projects in Maryland; one in Lanham and one in Aspen Hill. Both locations received general commercial renovation work such as a fresh paint job and the installation of new tiling throughout both restaurants. This is only the start of what will be a great year for Domino’s and UrbanBuilt, and we already have a few projects planned for the future.

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Close to Wrapping up Another Domino’s Pizza Project in Hyattsville, Maryland!

Domino's Hyattsville TilingDomino's Hyattsville

UrbanBuilt is almost complete with the commercial renovation of another Domino’s restaurant, this time in Hyattsville, Maryland. This Domino’s in Hyattsville received a modern reimage as we added new appliances, redid a lot of the tiling and repainted most of the restaurant. This is the second restaurant construction project that UrbanBuilt has completed for Domino’s Pizza in the month of October and we have big plans with Domino’s for the future!

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Domino’s in Tenleytown, Washington DC marks the 6th Domino’s Pizza that UrbanBuilt has completed!

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UrbanBuilt completed their 6th commercial renovation of a Domino’s restaurant with this location in Tenleytown Washington, DC. This compact Domino’s location is set in North West Washington, DC and it is the second Domino’s restaurant construction project that UrbanBuilt has finished in the DC area. We are already planning renovating on more Domino’s Pizza restaurants in the future and we are all excited to continue to grow this strong relationship between Domino’s and UrbanBuilt.

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