Update: Hard at Work at Callow Avenue in Baltimore



UrbanBuilt’s largest residential contracting project to date at Callow Avenue in Baltimore, MD is coming along nicely! This project is an 8-home full-gut renovation in the heart of Baltimore that we have been working on since late spring of 2015. We recently completed a lot of the framing and insulation at these 8 homes but there is still some construction work to be done before they are complete and ready to be moved into. Here are some of the previous updates that we’ve done on Callow Avenue:

Construction Begins at Callow

Huge Progress Made at Callow

Callow Starting to Come Together

Dedication Ceremony! 

Update: Construction is Complete on a Beautiful Roof-Deck in Baltimore



We are excited to show off our recently finished roof-deck project on a home in Baltimore City. This multilevel roof deck was built with Trex decking and vinyl composite railings. This unique deck also features a stunning color scheme, two built in benches and a custom built staircase to fit the home. You can definitely expect to see this project on our residential deck portfolio sometime in the near future!

Tuesday’s Tool Box Tips – Ways to make any room appear bigger


Having large rooms in a house isn’t always an option, but there are ways that you can make any room look bigger than it actually is. Here are a few tips to make any area in the home appear roomy and optimize the space available.

  • Let in natural light when possible. This allows for the room to connect with the outside world and gives the room a much more spacious feel. Large windows can make a room look more open and give it an almost limitless like feel.
  • Use mirrors in strategic ways to add depth to a room. Mirrors not only reflect light, which adds onto the previous point, but they also add a ton of depth to a room. Adding mirrors into a room tricks the eye into thinking that there is more space available while also making it look less cluttered.
  • Bright/light paint colors can make a world of difference. Small rooms can be completely transformed by changing the paint into a lighter or brighter color. Lighter colors reflect light better and really optimize the look of a room.
  • Maximize your space by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. The more organized a room is, the more space available for furniture or activities. Using creative storage options can help eliminate the amount of things laying around while also giving the area more open space.
  • Wall-mounted TV’s save space for other furniture. Mounting a TV onto the wall is a smart option that removes the need for a piece of furniture for the TV to sit on. This can allows for more room to have other furniture, or just create more open space for activities.

With these tips, some planning and some reorganizing you can help make a 1,000 square foot apartment look almost double the size without much effort! To see all of UrbanBuilt’s updates make sure to follow us on Facebook and feel free to give us any suggestions of home improvement tips that you want to hear.

Dedication Ceremony with the Mayor of Baltimore at our Callow Avenue project!




An exciting day for UrbanBuilt and the Reservoir Hill community. A public ceremony was held today to celebrate the Callow Avenue Re-development project in the City of Baltimore. Representatives from the Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, Healthy Neighborhoods, UrbanBuilt, Department of HUD, State department of Housing, local residents from the neighborhood and even Madam Mayor of Baltimore – Stephanie Rawlings Blake – were all present today to express their eagerness for the renovation of the row homes on Callow Avenue. Speakers discussed the project and expressed that this is only the start of the rehabilitation process in this vulnerable neighborhood.  The event was helped bring a feeling of togetherness and community to this blighted neighborhood.

Update: Intricate Multi-level Deck Complete on a Federal Hill Row Home


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After a few weeks of construction, we are proud to announce the completion of this beautiful deck for a row home in Federal Hill. This deck is complete with two separate levels, a spacious staircase, and tons of details throughout the project. With the help of the home owner, we are really proud of how the design and layout of this deck turned out. You can definitely expect to see it on our residential deck portfolio sometime in the near future!

Update: Callow Avenue is starting to Come Together


With the framing process underway at the Callow Avenue project, our vision is becoming that much more of a reality. The framing is just the outline though, as we still have a lot of the major components of the project to complete such as:

  • Masonry & foundation work
  • Roofing installation
  • HVAC, electrical, & plumbing work
  • Insulation

This doesn’t include all of the details that go in to each of the 8 homes for this project, so we expect to be done sometime in late fall.

South Rose Street Project Demolition complete with the Rebuilding Process Underway


UrbanBuilt is in the middle of a large full-gut residential project on South Rose Street. With the deconstruction process complete, now comes the fun part as we rebuild both the first and second floor with the homeowner’s design plans in mind. The framework for both floors is currently underway with a lot more work to be done in the near future, including:

  • Redesign of the bedrooms
  • Constructing a new closet space
  • Whole new kitchen and bathroom designs
  • Interior and exterior painting

As everything starts to come together, we are getting more and more eager to see the final product. Look out for future updates on this project and follow us on Facebook to keep up with all of our project updates!

UrbanBuilt gets some Awesome Feedback from a Baltimore Homeowner

At UrbanBuilt, we pride ourselves on our Reliability, Honesty, Integrity and Quality on all projects and in all relationships. We recently received a nice message from one of our home improvement clients in Baltimore. Check it out!

“I just want to commend you for the incredible work you did on our house, and for being fair, open, honest, and prompt with us as the work was done. We especially appreciated your willingness to discuss various options within our budget, in particular for our flooring. Every time I see the area, I am overjoyed with how nice it looks, especially as we have guests over and people comment on the great job you all did. You all were so thorough and addressed all our concerns, especially in coming in after the job was done to work on a few details that we had pointed out.

We have already recommended people and will continue to refer people to your business. Thanks again for your excellence and diligence in a job well done. We couldn’t be happier!”

It is a great feeling when a client recognizes our hard work and focus on these key traits. See more testimonials about UrbanBuilt from former clients here.