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Update: Hard at Work at Callow Avenue in Baltimore



UrbanBuilt’s largest residential contracting project to date at Callow Avenue in Baltimore, MD is coming along nicely! This project is an 8-home full-gut renovation in the heart of Baltimore that we have been working on since late spring of 2015. We recently completed a lot of the framing and insulation at these 8 homes but there is still some construction work to be done before they are complete and ready to be moved into. Here are some of the previous updates that we’ve done on Callow Avenue:

Construction Begins at Callow

Huge Progress Made at Callow

Callow Starting to Come Together

Dedication Ceremony! 

Tuesday’s Tool Box Tips – Ways to make any room appear bigger


Having large rooms in a house isn’t always an option, but there are ways that you can make any room look bigger than it actually is. Here are a few tips to make any area in the home appear roomy and optimize the space available.

  • Let in natural light when possible. This allows for the room to connect with the outside world and gives the room a much more spacious feel. Large windows can make a room look more open and give it an almost limitless like feel.
  • Use mirrors in strategic ways to add depth to a room. Mirrors not only reflect light, which adds onto the previous point, but they also add a ton of depth to a room. Adding mirrors into a room tricks the eye into thinking that there is more space available while also making it look less cluttered.
  • Bright/light paint colors can make a world of difference. Small rooms can be completely transformed by changing the paint into a lighter or brighter color. Lighter colors reflect light better and really optimize the look of a room.
  • Maximize your space by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. The more organized a room is, the more space available for furniture or activities. Using creative storage options can help eliminate the amount of things laying around while also giving the area more open space.
  • Wall-mounted TV’s save space for other furniture. Mounting a TV onto the wall is a smart option that removes the need for a piece of furniture for the TV to sit on. This can allows for more room to have other furniture, or just create more open space for activities.

With these tips, some planning and some reorganizing you can help make a 1,000 square foot apartment look almost double the size without much effort! To see all of UrbanBuilt’s updates make sure to follow us on Facebook and feel free to give us any suggestions of home improvement tips that you want to hear.

UrbanBuilt’s Tool Box Tips – Wooden Deck Maintenance


Having a deck is like having an outdoor escape where you can free your mind, relax, and enjoy the weather. Even though most decks are built to hold up against heavy loads and bad weather, after a while a wooden deck’s look will start to diminish. Here are a few tips that we have come up with to help your wooden deck stay in the best shape possible.

  • Keep your deck clean! There are multiple ways clean a wooden deck, but the main two are:
    • Power washing – This is a quick and efficient way to clean your deck and get out those tough stains, but if not done properly it could potentially lead to damage of the wood.
    • Wood/Deck cleaner – There are numerous companies that make special cleaning chemicals that are perfect for wooden decks, but this process usually requires a lot more time and effort.
  • Look out for any loose nails. Loose nails can be a danger to those who walk on the deck, but can also greatly damage the deck if not treated. If there are loose nails, remove them and replace them with a longer screw if possible.
  • Stain your deck when it lightens up. This is a great way to improve the look of your wooden deck if the wood is fading from weathering or UV rays. Stain or wood preservatives can be applied with a brush or a roller and require at least 2 days to dry. Make sure that your deck is as clean as possible before staining or painting the wood. It might be a good idea to double coat your deck if the results don’t meet your liking.
  • Use a sealant as protection for the wood: Sealing your deck is like adding a shield to your deck that helps protect it from harmful UV rays and weathering. Some wood stains also act as a sealant for your deck, but a clear sealer should be added to your deck annually if possible to increase the potential life of the wood.

In addition to these tips, make sure that you always look out for any cracked wooden boards, signs of rotting, or any substantial damage to your deck to prevent unnecessary danger. With these tips we hope that you decide to make time to care for your deck so that it can be enjoyed for a lifetime.