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Completion of 8 at Luk Fu - Maryland Live Casino

Commercial, Maryland Live Casino, Renovation, Baltimore, Maryland, Custom, Millwork

8 at Luk Fu – Maryland Live Casino

UrbanBuilt recently completed the renovation and expansion to the existing Luk Fu Restaurant at Maryland Live Casino. 8 at Luk Fu added roughly 4,500 square feet to their existing space and renovated another 1,500 square feet, more than doubling the current size of the restaurant. After removing slot machines from a central gaming area, UrbanBuilt created this new and unique restaurant, the project involved lots of custom mill-work, specialty pieces and imported Materials



Commercial Construction Starts on WingStop in Bailey’s Crossroads, VA

20160203_114948_resizedWingStop Baileys Crossroad

UrbanBuilt begins its 3rd WingStop restaurant construction project, this time in Bailey’s Crossroads Virginia. This location is the first to start construction out of the three WingStop restaurant contracts that we recently signed and announced in January. Look out for our upcoming WingStop announcements to see where the other locations will be built.

UrbanBuilt has received the 2015 Finalist Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence for Small Businesses by the BBB of Greater Maryland!

UrbanBuilt 2015 BBB Torch Award Finalist

Last week UrbanBuilt received the Finalist Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Greater Maryland! The Torch Award is presented to companies that demonstrate commitment to high ethical standards in management practices, customer relations, and many more areas of business. Jason Watts, the Managing Partner of Sales & Operations, attended the ceremony where the BBB interviewed him to learn more about UrbanBuilt and what this award means to the Company. This is a monumental accomplishment as it provides proof of all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at UrbanBuilt.

Click here to see the interview that the BBB of Greater Baltimore did with Jason Watts. The interview video is also up on the UrbanBuilt Facebook & LinkedIn accounts.