Articles for the Month of May 2015

Introducing Nate Harper – Our New Marketing Assistant

Action Shot

UrbanBuilt has recently hired Nate Harper as our new marketing assistant/intern. Nate is a student at Towson University where he is studying Business Management with a concentration in marketing. He will be handling the online tasks for UrbanBuilt including updating the social media profiles, looking at various analytics online, and any other assistance needed from the managing partners. Nate’s willingness to work hard, go the extra mile, and interact with others is exactly what we are looking for and we all look forward to see Nate’s future here at UrbanBuilt.

Tuesday’s Tool Box Tips – Fixing Warped Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors can help make any room look more elegant and spacious, but they can be a pain to clean and maintain. Water, humidity, or even old age can all attribute to hardwood floors warping, which makes it difficult to walk on and even unpleasant to look at. Each case of warped hardwood floors will be different depending on how bad the floors are warped or what type of wood was used for the floors, but here are a few tips to possibly help fix those little warps in your hardwood floor.

  • If the damage is recent and caused by moisture, then the fix could be as easy as using a dehumidifier to draw the moisture out of the floor. This will help the wood lay back down and uncup.
  • For warped floors with gaps between the boards, a latex filler could be an easy fix to this problem. The Homeguides website recommends using a latex filler on any gaps up to ¼ inch wide. It might be a good idea to sand down any excess filler if necessary.
  • To straighten hardwood boards that have bulged or curled at the edges, a simple solution could be to use a high-powered sander and go parallel to the grain. This will remove layers of the hardwood floor in order to even out the boards. Make sure to refinish the floors after as needed.
  • If there is a small section of the floor that is warped, one possible answer could be to use a cinderblock to weigh it down. It is important to wet the floor a bit before to help increase the flexibility of the wood and then leave a cinderblock on the warp for a few days and check the results.

Unfortunately, warped hardwood floors are usually an impossible fix and may require a complete replacement of the floor boards. For any help with replacement hardwood flooring projects feel free to contact us at

Construction Begins on Callow Avenue

Callow Progress1

UrbanBuilt has just begun construction on our largest project to date. It’s an (8) home renovation project located on Callow Avenue in the Resevoir Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. This project is the final group of homes to be renovated under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP2) in the City of Baltimore. UrbanBuilt was selected as the general contractor for this project by the non-profit community organizations Druid Heights Community Development Corporation in partnership with Healthy Neighborhoods. Be sure to keep checking in to see progress photos of this project!

UrbanBuilt’s Second Project with WingStop Restaurants in Bowie, Maryland


Commercial construction of the WingStop in Bowie, Md is now complete and the restaurant is open for business. This is UrbanBuilt’s second construction project with WingStop. This new location is set in the Bowie Town Center, a bustling strip mall located in Bowie, Md. To see more pictures of the location go to our WingStop portfolio or go visit the location yourself and try out their delicious wings.

To see more about tenant fit-out, click here.

Work Underway on South Chester Street, Baltimore


UrbanBuilt’s Residential department is as strong as ever as we work on a 5 month-long full-service project in the heart of Baltimore right by Patterson Park. This project includes a full demolition with reframing and dry walling to all be done in the near future, with planned completion expected to be sometime in late July. The pictures attached are the newest updates of the project, taken on May 6th, but check back later in the summer to see the finished product of this spacious down-town home.

UrbanBuilt seeks General Laborers and Carpenters in the Baltimore, MD area


We are currently looking for Carpenters and General Laborers in the Baltimore Metro area who are hardworking and dependable. UrbanBuilt is growing at a fast rate and we need as much help as possible to ensure that we continue to grow in the future. For both positions you are required to pass a background check, you must be able to provide your own tools, and you must have a valid driver’s license. Visit our Employment Opportunities page for a current list of available positions and instructions on how to apply.